Che's Place Youth Centre

Che’s Place Youth Centre (located at 30 Martha St, Lower Level, Bolton) is a place where grade 7-9 students can hang out, use all amenities, enjoy our music room, SOCIALIZE, and enjoy snacks and food that will be provided.

The Youth Centre holds a drop in program every Friday and Saturday from 7-11pm

Supervisors are on site throughout the night to ensure Che’s place remains a safe space for kids. Additional security is provided through our partnership with caledon opp.

Drop by anytime between 7 and 11pm for snacks, a chill environment, and a good time! Admission is always free!

Che's Place Logo

Che’s Place Youth Centre opened in February of 2017 as both the first community youth hub in Bolton and as a way to honour the memory and legacy of Francesco Molinaro, who had tragically passed away the year prior.

With the help of the Bolton community and the Molinaro family, Che’s Place was born. The youth of Bolton would now finally have a safe, inclusive and entertaining space where they could socialize, play video games, make music and most importantly have fun.

Che's Place Logo

In September 2019, Youth Activists Inc., assumed a leadership role at Che’s Place with the goal of expanding the centre’s reach to more of Bolton’s youth and to create youth programming and leadership events.

Since its opening, Che’s Place has brought in hundreds of kids between the ages of 12 and 15, who all look forward to spending their Friday and Saturday nights hanging out with their friends in a place they can call their own.