Caledon Pride

What is Caledon Pride?

Caledon Pride is a grassroots 2SLGBTQ+ advocacy group dedicated to creating an inclusive community for all in Caledon, Ontario. We work with local organizations to bring meaningful programming to the community during Pride Month, and to promote 2SLGBTQ+ advocacy year-round.

In addition, Caledon Pride also helps in directing individuals to external 2SLGBTQ+ resources within the GTA, such as inclusive health and wellness services. We strive to serve as a central hub for Caledon residences on all things Pride in the region, and work to provide inclusivity education to local organizations.

We are accessible to anyone in Caledon and its neighbouring communities! Ultimately Caledon Pride exists to help combat the severe social isolation and loneliness that 2SLGBTQ+ individuals living in rural communities often report experiencing. Caledon Pride aims to bring the community together through an anti-racism, anti-oppression, and indigenous solidarity

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Team Members

Julia Bertola

Julia Bertola

Founder/Communications Lead

“I started Caledon Pride to advocate for the 2SLGBTQ+ Community here in Caledon, and my goal is to create positive spaces for community members to connect with each other and feel supported. This is my community, and I want to support and encourage everyone to feel confident and safe as they learn to express themselves.”

Hailey Tsolakis

Hailey Tsolakis

Project Coordinator

“I’m proud to be a part of the peel region, and so grateful for the chance to participate in caledon pride. i think creating more opportunities for our community to connect and grow together is super important and i look forward to being a part of that.”


Pride Month Calendar Coming Soon!

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